My name is Ruth Pearce; I’m a postgraduate researcher based at the University of Warwick.

I’m currently conducting research into discourses of trans healthcare provision in the United Kingdom. I’m interested in finding out:

  • what trans people would like to see from healthcare providers
  • what different groups of people (such as trans support groups and medical professionals) have to say about trans health
  • how ideas from one group might influence ideas from another
  • what impact recent changes in the law (such as the Equality Act and the reorganisation of the NHS) might have upon notions of appropriate care

This project is largely Internet-based. I focus upon online resources and conversations because of their central role in the negotiation of trans health.  The trans population is diverse, dispersed and often invisible: it is the Internet that so often enables discussion, debate and the creation of new ideas. An important example of this can be found in #transdocfail.

A more detailed academic description of my research aims and background can be found here.

Information on my methods and the rationale behind them can be found here.

Further background on my academic work can be found here.


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